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Don’t Let Chimney Leaks Go Without Repair

It’s more than a little water. 

Have you noticed water in your firebox? A moldy, musky smell from your fireplace? Maybe staining on the walls around your appliance? Chances are you have a chimney leak. Chimney leaks may seem like a small problem, but they can affect the entire chimney system when left unresolved. Don’t wait for the chimney structure to be affected, let Wells & Sons fix your chimney leak properly. 

Avoiding Water Damage

Too much exposure to water can cause a good chimney to go bad very quickly. Water breaks down the mortar and various materials that hold a chimney together. It will also rust the metal components and encourage all types of clogs and decay. On top of this, water eventually causes stains and nasty odors to occur making your entire fireplace experience disastrous.

This is why addressing any leaks before lighting new fires is vital for chimney health. An improper working chimney will leave you dealing with improper ventilation, smoke back-up, and puts you at higher risk for chimney fires. By letting water issues go for too long, you invite lasting damage to your chimney and put your home and family at risk.

We Also Offer Chimney Waterproofing!

Once we resolve your chimney leak problems, we can help protect your chimney with our waterproofing service! Our specially designed products form a protective barrier that keeps water out without trapping any moisture in. Waterproofing is one of the best preventive maintenance measures homeowners can take to protect their masonry and stop damage before it starts. Likewise, these products are also extremely helpful when applied to homes that have already undergone masonry damage; applying waterproofing products to damaged or weakened masonry ensures that water can no longer access the bricks and the deterioration stops.

Dean and Matt were here today to clean my chimney and I was extremely satisfied with not only their friendly and polite attitude but also how they left everything as they found it and cleaned up after themselves. So many times that step is often overlooked. These guys made sure I understood everything and were very knowledgable. Excellent service!


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Great customer service!!! I have been through a few different fireplace/chimney companies and had issues with all of them. Finally found Wells and Sons and couldn’t be happier. Everyone in the company I have dealt with has been friendly, courteous, and professional.


Are You Ready To Book Your Appointment? 


While we do not share the pricing of our services on our site, we are happy to provide a free estimate. Due to the variables of appliance types, number of flues, and style of chimney, we can only give an estimated price until we fully inspect and understand your appliance, the time required by our technicians and the materials necessary for service. Please call our office for questions regarding cost and estimates.


When you book with us, you can expect us to ask a few questions before your appointment. 

For Chimney Sweeping/ Cleanings: 
What heating appliance will you need maintenanced? 
What is the best time for us to arrive?
Have you been having any issues & How can we help?

For Estimates:
What is the problem?
What appliance vents through the chimney?
If you have a stove, is it for heat or ambiance? 
What fuel type is your appliance?

*If you don’t know the answers to these questions, no worries! Our team can help you.