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Add Beauty To Your Home With Stunning Stucco!

Although it is typically thought of as a staple for homes in the southwest, stucco can be used for so much more than adobe! Stucco is a cost-effective and durable siding option that can be mixed to almost any color!

Benefits Of Stucco

There are a number of benefits to adding stucco to the exterior of your home, including:


There are a number of different ways that stucco can transform the exterior of your home. First, stucco can be mixed to nearly any color you want, allowing you to fully customize the shade of your home rather than selecting from a few samples of siding. Likewise, stucco can also be mixed and applied using different textures and patterns, all designed to give your home a unique look and feel.

Low Cost

Compared to many traditional exterior building materials, stucco is a low-cost option. Typically, stucco costs $6-$9 per square foot, significantly less than even the cheapest sidings. Call Wells & Sons to schedule an appointment for a free estimate for installing stucco on your home!

Low Maintenance

Stucco has begun gaining popularity in recent years due to the low maintenance required to keep it looking beautiful. Because stucco is made of hardy materials, it is not easy damaged. Likewise, the naturally textured look and feel of stucco shows imperfections far less than smoother siding options.

Stucco Repair

At Wells & Sons Chimney Service, we not only install stucco, but can also repair existing stucco that has been damaged or has deteriorated over time.

While stucco naturally develops chips and cracks, large cracks or holes may indicate a larger problem. If left unrepaired, large cracks may continue to deteriorate until the underlying metal lathe is exposed. Likewise, if significant portions of the stucco’s topcoat are missing, it should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Putting off repairs can compromise the structural integrity of the surrounding stucco and the entire home.

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