We Can Handle All Your Chimney Certification Needs

First time home buyer or just purchased additional property? If your home comes with a fireplace that uses a chimney, you’ll need to be sure you get your chimney certification by a professional. We at Wells & Sons Chimney Service are a fully licensed and certified to provide your chimney certification.

We Specialize In Chimney Certifications For Landlords

As a landlord in the state of Pennsylvania, it is your legal responsibility to provide a safe and hospitable dwelling for your tenants, and in some cities, counties, and neighborhoods, that responsibility requires that you have the chimney certified as safe and free from hazards to ensure that tenants are sufficiently protected against fire. Are you looking for a qualified, experienced, and certified professional to inspect the chimney on your rental property and certify that it’s safe for use? Look no further…

Here at Wells & Sons, we specialize in NFPA 211 chimney inspections and certifications and follow local codes and standards to ensure that the chimney is up to code. Whether you’re renting a property in Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, Berks, or Lehigh County, our experienced and CSIA certified technicians can provide you with a chimney certification that protects you against unwarranted claims and legal fines and gives you and your tenants peace of mind.

Protect yourself and your tenants today — request a chimney certification today by calling 610-473-6000. We have decades of experience and we provide high-quality, highly thorough work — guaranteed.

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