We Can Waterproof Your Chimney to Extend Its Life

Although bricks and mortar are designed to be consistently exposed to the elements, water can be extremely damaging to your masonry. Left unchecked, water exposure can cause bricks to crack, chip, crumble, spall, and even fall away completely. Unfortunately, this kind of serious damage can sometimes occur in as little as one year due to the fast-acting effects of water.

One way to protect your masonry is to have it professionally waterproofed by the team at Wells & Sons. Our specially designed products form a protective barrier that keeps water out without trapping any moisture in (unlike paints or store-bought sealers are known to do). Waterproofing is one of the best preventive maintenance measures homeowners can take to protect their masonry and stop damage before it starts. Likewise, these products are also extremely helpful when applied to homes that have already undergone masonry damage, as applying waterproofing products to damaged or weakened masonry ensures that water can no longer access the bricks and the deterioration stops.

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Will Painting My Chimney Seal It?

Many homeowners believe that painting their masonry, especially with a clear paint or sealant, is the same thing as waterproofing. However, these products are not designed for masonry and, in fact, may have the opposite of the intended effect.

Why’s this? Because professional-grade products, like the sealants we use, work to not only keep water from coming in, but also allow pre-absorbed moisture to continue venting out. Paints will keep water out, sure – but any moisture inside will remain trapped in as well. This means your chimney will continue breaking down.

It’s all about vapor permeability. Our masonry waterproofing products are specially designed to help bricks maintain their porous nature while still repelling water. This allows any moisture that is in the masonry to harmlessly evaporate, rather than remain trapped where it can cause further damage. This unique formula is what allows our waterproofing products to extend the life of your masonry, even if there has been previous water damage.

Chimney Flashing and Repair

We Offer Masonry Waterproofing for Your Whole Home

Our waterproofing products can be used on a variety of masonry structures, not just chimneys. Whether you have masonry on the exterior of your home, a path or walkway, a wall or fence, or any other structure, waterproofing can help keep it beautiful and free of water damage for years to come!

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