Strengthen Your Chimney With Our Masonry Repointing Services

Whether they are new or old, masonry chimneys are built to last. Bricks are one of the world’s most resilient building materials. In fact, when well maintained, bricks can often stand strong for as long as 100 years! The mortar that holds the bricks together, however, has a much shorter lifespan.

Most homeowners can expect to need their mortar repaired or replaced after as little as 25 years. But the expert masons at Wells & Sons are here to help. We’ve been providing professional masonry and chimney repointing services to residents throughout Pottstown, Allentown, Phoenixville, Norristown, and the surrounding counties since 1979.

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Why Repointing Services Are Important

Damaged mortar joints affect more than just your chimney’s aesthetics – they can seriously impact the safety of your chimney too. With weakened joints, the entire chimney structure becomes progressively more unstable. Eventually this can lead to a cracking, crumbling, and even leaning or tilted chimney.

In addition to affecting the safety of your chimney structure, damaged mortar also allows excess water to get into the masonry. This additional water can seriously damage the bricks, speeding up your chimney’s overall deterioration and shortening its lifespan. You may also begin to see water damage in the walls and ceilings surrounding your chimney too.

Repointed chimney at peak of roof.  Woods in the background.

What’s the Chimney Repointing Process Like?

At Wells & Sons Chimney Service, our chimney repointing process does two things:

  1. It makes your chimney more stable and steady.
  2. It seamlessly blends with the existing masonry.

The first step in the repointing process calls for carefully removing the old mortar from the masonry joints. Doing this not only gets rid of any mortar that may be damaged, but it also allows the new mortar to better attach to the existing joints. The new mortar can then be carefully applied, taking care to clean the surrounding bricks when finished.

Many inexperienced masons provide sloppy work that leaves chimneys looking worse than they did before repairs were made – not so with Wells & Sons.

When replacing masonry joints, we take the time to make sure that the new mortar is specifically mixed for your chimney. This means that it will not just match the color of your existing mortar, but will also mimic the permeability, strength and texture of the original mortar. This is an important process, as mortar that doesn’t match the original work will not only look sloppy and out of place, but can also further damage the structural integrity of the chimney.

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Chimney crown repair is an important chimney repair that we are called on to provide quite often. That means we know how to do it and do it right.