Pointing Your Brickwork’s Joints Can Extend the Life of Your Masonry

Quality brick and stone work is designed and built to last for decades, but eventually, some repair work will be inevitable. Unfortunately, constant exposure to the elements can sometimes damage the mortar which holds your bricks or stones together, especially if weather ever gets severe.

The good news? If the mortar of your home or chimney’s masonry has become damaged over time, the entire structure does not necessarily need to be rebuilt. Instead, pointing may be performed to extend the life of your masonry for many more decades to come.

Masonry Pointing

What Is Chimney Pointing?

Over time, masonry may begin to show signs of wear such as receding or cracking joints. When this happens, pointing services can be performed to extend the life of the masonry and save the surrounding bricks or stones from damage.

During the pointing process, degraded or damaged masonry joints are removed with care, so as not to harm or damage any of the surrounding brick or stone. New mortar is then mixed and carefully applied, making sure to protect any surrounding masonry.

At Wells & Sons Chimney Service, we take the time to ensure that the new mortar is not only an exact color match to your existing masonry, but that it also matches the texture, consistency, and strength. This ensures that the repaired masonry seamlessly blends in with the rest of the stone or brick work.

DIY Pointing: Is This an Option?

Although it may be tempting to try pointing for yourself, it should not be taken on as a DIY project or left to a general contractor. Poor pointing work can not only look sloppy and be a mismatch in both composition and appearance, but it can also compromise the safety and stability of the bricks or stones.

The pointing process is about more than just filling in some gaps in the mortar. When done correctly, pointing can reinforce and strengthen the surrounding bricks or stone, allowing them to last for years to come. When done incorrectly, however, the resulting masonry may be weakened or have gaps that allow water in.

Trust Wells & Sons With Your Masonry Pointing Repairs

At Wells & Sons Chimney Service, we understand that you want a masonry structure that is both beautiful and safe. If your masonry joints have begun to deteriorate, call us today at (610) 473-6000 to schedule an appointment. We can repair your damaged masonry joints, all while maintaining the beauty and integrity of your existing bricks or stone.

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