Leaky Chimney Flashing Leads to Big Problems!

If your chimney is leaking, determining how the water is coming in can be a difficult process. Because the chimney is constantly exposed to the elements, there are a number of ways that water can get in. If you have water staining the ceiling or walls surrounding your chimney, don’t blame your roof – faulty flashing may be to blame.

What Is Flashing?

Flashing is the series of metal strips that seal the joint between your chimney and your roof line. Through layering and strategic overlapping, flashing is designed to create a waterproof seal that protects your chimney, roof and interior from water entry or damage.

When correctly installed and maintained, flashing can keep this watertight seal for the life of your chimney system. However, there are a number of things that can cause flashing to fail. Here are some of the reasons for flashing leaks:

  • Incorrect installation, including too many nail holes
  • Changes to the roof, such as having shingles replaced
  • Natural shifting or settling of the house
  • Long-term exposure to the elements
  • Attempted animal entry

How To Tell When Flashing Needs Repairs

Knowing when your flashing needs to be repaired can be tricky, as it can be hard to see without climbing up onto the roof. Because of this, many homeowners are unaware that their flashing is damaged until they have a leak on their hands!

Rather than waiting until you have a leak to have your flashing evaluated, consider having an annual chimney and fireplace inspection. An annual inspection will include an evaluation of all accessible parts of your fireplace and chimney – including the flashing – which allows you to better understand the overall condition of your fireplace system.

Likewise, any time you have repairs made to your roof, consider having chimney professionals evaluate your flashing. One of the most common causes of flashing leaks is through changes to the roof. Whether you are having shingles near the chimney replaced or are shingling or tiling the entire roof, call Wells & Sons Chimney Service to evaluate your flashing and make sure it has retained its watertight seal.

Don’t Wait For Your Chimney To Start Leaking – Call Us Today!

The best way to prevent a chimney leak is to protect against it. Call Wells & Sons Chimney Service today at (610) 473-6000 to schedule an inspection to ensure your flashing is in good condition and doing its job! You an also request an appointment online!

Look into the benefits of waterproofing your chimney for more protection against costly water damage. It’s a masonry service we are proud to offer.