Chimney Repair Services: Trust the Experts at Wells & Sons Chimney

Despite their relatively simple appearance, chimneys are deceivingly complex structures. With many different parts that protect your home against heat, water, smoke and the elements, chimneys need regular maintenance in order to work their best.

Regular annual chimney sweepings and inspections are one way to keep your chimney functioning correctly and in good working condition. However, sometimes even the most well-maintained chimneys become damaged. Whether a strong storm or other natural disaster has caused chimney damage or your chimney is simply feeling the effects of long-term exposure to the elements, you can trust the experts at Wells & Sons Chimney Services to repair your chimney promptly, properly and affordably.

Broken Chimney Flue has come apart at the seam.

Our Chimney Repair Services

Oftentimes, homeowners are reluctant to have their chimneys repaired due to the perceived inconveniences of cost or time spent living in a construction zone. Others rationalize that their chimneys can still work fine, even if the repairs are not made. Yet, while your unrepaired chimney may be serviceable in the short term, it can create a serious safety hazard for your family in the long term.

Instead of putting off repairs, trust Wells & Sons to get your chimney back to functioning correctly, whether it is a small repair or a large one.

Here’s what we have to offer:

With decades of experience serving this area under our belts, there’s not much we can’t help you with. Give us a call to discuss your chimney and fireplace issues and needs. We’re here to listen and happy to offer effective solutions.

Are There Any Chimney or Fireplace Repairs I Can DIY?

DIY fireplace and chimney repair… Is it something we recommend?

Honestly, no. While we get the appeal of attempting these services on your own in hopes of saving money or avoiding the hassle of hiring an expert, but when it comes to your chimney and fireplace, you really don’t want to take any chances. In the end, mistakes are likely, which will only lead to more issues – and more expense – later on.

Remember that this is an appliance that you light fires in. And those fires are in the middle of your home! Even minor damage can lead to smoke or hazardous gases (like carbon monoxide) in your space, as well as introduce fire hazards to your home.

And safety aside, why risk not getting the efficiency you need? Many use fireplaces to heat their space and lower energy bills in the process, but if the heat just isn’t there, this won’t be a possibility.

We go through extensive training to ensure these services get done thoroughly – and get done right the first time. Don’t skimp when it comes to your chimney and fireplace. Call us in from the start.

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Don’t Wait, Get Your Chimney Fixed Now

If your chimney needs some attention, don’t put off the repairs. Delaying chimney repairs often allows the original issue to worsen, causing more damage and necessitating a more intensive – and more costly – repair. Instead, call the crew here at Wells & Sons Chimney today to schedule your appointment.

We’re a local company proudly serving Pottstown, Allentown, Phoenixville, Norristown, and all of their surrounding areas.

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Our chimney service technicians are highly qualified to make sure your chimney relining gets done without a hitch. Trust us for the best in chimney service.