Rely On Us for Rusty Chimney Chase Cover Repair

Prefabricated chimneys and some masonry chimneys use metal chase covers to protect the top of the flue and keep moisture and debris out of the chimney. Unfortunately, these chase covers may not be completely weather resistant, which often leads to issues with rusting. When these metal components begin rusting at the top of the chimney, they can stain the sides of the chimney.

Rusty chimney crown with white chimney and snow with trees in the background.

A rusty chimney can be an eyesore, making discolored rust streaks and stains the focal point of your chimney and home. In addition to the aesthetic downfalls, a rusty chimney may also indicate that the chimney chase cover is no longer working the way it should. Oftentimes, chimneys with rusting issues also have problems with moisture entry or internal water damage.

What’s most important is getting to the bottom of it all – finding the root of the problem and addressing it. Fortunately for those in Pottstown and its surrounding areas, our team of experts can help. Call Wells & Sons at 610-473-6000 or book online with us today.

Why Do Chimney Chase Covers Deteriorate?

If your prefabricated chimney was installed with a galvanized chimney chase cover, it may have begun to rust through rather quickly. In addition, many galvanized covers are installed with little or no support underneath. This causes the chase covers to bend, bow, and flatten under the weight of rainwater, ice, snow, or sometimes even animals.

And as water pools on top of these now-dented galvanized chase covers, it can cause rust and deterioration. This process is what leads to rust stains around the bottom or down the sides of your chimney structure and home. In addition to causing unsightly rusting, this causes serious breakdown of the galvanized metal.

Prevent Rust With a Stainless Steel Chase Cover

So… how can you avoid a rusted chimney chase cover?

The same material that is used to create beautiful and long-lasting appliances inside your home can also be used on your chimney. For a chase cover that will outlast its galvanized counterparts and protect your home for years to come, choose stainless steel.

When installing new stainless steel chase covers, we take the time to carefully remove the old galvanized cover. This prevents the old chase cover from continuing to rust and discolor your chimney even after the new cover has been installed. At Wells & Sons, we never cut corners!

Say Goodbye to Rust – Count On Us

If you’re ready to put a stop to rust on your chimney and restore it to its former beauty, contact Wells & Sons Chimney Service today. Our Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified technicians can help you find the right chase cover for your home, then install it properly and professionally.

We’ll remove any rust or discoloration and leave you with a beautiful chimney and chase cover that will last for years to come.

Call us at (610) 473-6000 or start an appointment using our online appointment request form. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Repointing your masonry is an important chimney repair that maintains your chimney’s structural integrity and efficient function.