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Improve Your Chimney’s Safety By Having It Relined!

When we talk about chimney liners, many homeowners assume the liner is meant to help keep the chimney clean, similar to a cupcake liner or shelf liner. However, that could not be further from the truth!

The chimney liner is an important safety product that is designed to protect your home against the heat, smoke, gas and sparks created by your fireplace as they travel up the chimney. The flue liner is also designed to create and maintain the correct draft in your chimney. Proper draft helps direct smoke and gas up and out of the chimney and increase system efficiency; without it, these byproducts of combustion could easily flow back into your home.

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Do I Have To Have My Chimney Relined?

If a chimney inspection or video scan has revealed damage to your chimney liner, it is important to have it repaired as soon as possible. Chimneys with damaged liners are simply not safe to use; having your flue quickly – and correctly – relined can get you back to enjoying your fireplace faster, and at higher levels of safety and efficiency.

We Install Stainless Steel Chimney Liners

Many chimneys are built with clay tile liners. While this type of chimney liner works well, replacing broken tiles can be nearly impossible to do, especially if the damage is in the middle of the flue. Likewise, clay tile liners may crack or crumble around the joints, decreasing draft.

For homeowners with damaged clay tile liners, we recommend relining with a stainless steel chimney liner. Stainless steel liners are extremely durable and strong, and most come with limited lifetime warranties. Likewise, because they are made entirely of one piece, there is no need to worry about future cracks or issues around joints. Another added bonus of stainless steel liners is that they are safe for use with all fuel types — so whether you burn wood, gas or pellet fuel, a stainless steel liner will serve you well.

At Wells & Sons, we make sure that your new chimney liner is correctly installed for proper fireplace and chimney performance. All of our chimney lining services come with a custom-fitted shroud (from the top of the flue to the firebox) to ensure that the new liner is perfectly fitted to your chimney. When it comes to chimney liners, proper fit is key to proper function.

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Getting rid of a rusty chimney and all the problems it causes is just one of the many chimney services we provide.