We Repair Chimney Crowns & Chimney Washes

Although they may be difficult to see from street level, your chimney crown and wash plays an important role in protecting your chimney, as well as your home. When the chimney crown is damaged, water can easily and quickly damage the masonry of the chimney, the flue of the chimney, and even the walls and ceilings inside your home.

To prevent this kind of water damage, make sure your chimney crown and wash are in good condition by having them regularly inspected for signs of damage or deterioration. We’re here to help. Give us a call or book online today.

What Is a Chimney Crown?

The chimney crown – also sometimes referred to as a chimney wash – seals and protects the top of the chimney surrounding the flue. Good chimney crowns are often solid slabs of concrete, sometimes with mesh or other types of reinforcement in the mix. Unfortunately, many crowns of the past were built from masonry that the workers easily had on hand. This isn’t what you want – masonry should not be used as a building material for chimney crowns, as it can easily absorb and be damaged by moisture.

In addition to being built from a reliable concrete mix, good chimney crowns should also have overhangs, also known as kerfs, of about two inches. These overhangs prevent water from coming into direct contact with the chimney structure, extending the life of the masonry of your chimney significantly.

Damaged chimney crown before repair, cracked and crumbling with two flues and caps.  Truck in background.

Damaged chimney crown before repair

Crown after repair with two flues and truck in background.

Chimney crown after repair

What Are Common Causes of Chimney Crown or Wash Damage?

Because chimney crowns are directly exposed to the elements, they often become damaged or deteriorate faster than the rest of the chimney. A damaged chimney crown can often cause leaking and water entry in other parts of your home, so investing in necessary repairs as soon as possible is a must. Below are some of the most common ways that chimney crowns are damaged.

  • Improper Installation: If a roofer installed your chimney crown, it may not be correctly sized, correctly designed, or correctly built with the right materials. Many homeowners are shocked to find that their chimney crowns are providing substandard protection due to being the wrong size or shape.
  • Poor Weather: Because the chimney crown is a somewhat flat horizontal surface, it is directly exposed to all sorts of weather, including sun, heat, hail, rain, and snow. All this can cause even the most sturdy chimney crowns to crack, spall, or crumble over time.
  • Natural Wear: Hey, nothing lasts forever – and the same can be said for your chimney and its various parts. Sometimes chimney crowns just wear down naturally, requiring some light repair work from time to time.
  • Collisions: This usually goes hand-in-hand with poor weather, but it’s not uncommon for harsh winds to blow tree branches or other large objects into a chimney, damaging the chimney crown – and other parts – in the process.
  • Neglect: A lot of times, chimney-related damages are very avoidable. Failing to book regular chimney inspections and prompt repair work can lead to bigger and more serious issues down the line.

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Our chimney repair service includes rusty chimney cover repair or replacement. Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered.