Depending on how your chimney is built, there are often multiple entry points for water to creep in and start doing damage. Water will then build up inside of the brick and mortar and eventually leak out, causing a lot of issues.

If you are experiencing water problems with your chimney, now is the time to get them addressed. Leaks and cracks that go too long without being fixed, end up costing you a lot of money and stress in the long run. It is far cheaper to pay for an easy fix now than a time-consuming one later. There is also the chance that, should enough corrosion occur, your chimney will eventually be unsuitable for use and your family may be in danger if it eventually collapses.

Check out these main problems associated with excess water in your chimney.

A Leaking Chimney Is A Broken Chimney - Pottstown PA - Wells & Sons Chimney Service


Stain, Rust, and Rot

If water penetrates your brick, it can eventually spread to the metal aspects of the chimney, hindering it from running as efficiently as possible. This means purchasing a new chimney cap, as well as fireplace accessories, should the water drip down that far. Without a properly working chimney cap, more water than usual will be given the opportunity to soak into your brick, so be sure to invest in one if you have not already.

Stains and rotting can also occur in the areas surrounding your chimney, should you neglect to adequately protect it. Water can soak into the brick, then leak out into your walls and wood borders, causing unattractive decay to form. Your chimney itself can even become stained and the bright color of the brick, which is what often gives it its appeal, may start to fade.

Chimney Collapse and Settlement

If you think stains and some rotting wood is bad, then prepare yourself for what may come, should your water issues goes unaddressed for too long. All of that water breaks down the brick and mortar over time, eventually causing your chimney to completely collapse. This means a lot of home repair for you and it could put your family in potential danger, should it fall down when someone is home.

When a chimney settles, this is also a costly and time-consuming repair. Chimneys often settle due to the freeze-thaw process that occurs when it they are exposed to too much water. When the water sinks into the brick and mortar during the warm months, it then stays put as temperatures drop, freezing and expanding. When it turns warm again, it liquefies, and causes a lot of stress for your chimney.

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