Are these springtime rains making you feel concerned about the state of your chimney? It’s an unfortunate fact that excess moisture can wear on your chimney in a hurry, causing lots of damage that takes time and money to address. Here at Wells & Sons Chimney Service, we know all about leaks, water damage, and how to prevent it. Learn more about the common signs of chimney leaks below, then reach out to our team for further guidance. We’re always happy to help!

Signs Your Chimney Is Leaking - Pottstown PA - Wells & Sons Chimney ServiceYour Metal Components Are Rusted

A big sign of water-related damage is when your metal chimney parts start to rust. One prime example is your flashing. This is the sheet that covers the area where your roof and chimney meet and, if damaged or incorrectly installed, it can easily pool water and eventually rust. This vulnerable spot needs all the protection it can get, so rusted or busted up flashing is one thing that needs to be addressed promptly.

Another piece of chimney anatomy that is prone to rust is the chimney cap. This part plays a vital role in keeping water out of your flue, as it covers the entire opening, and it also keeps out animals and excess debris – an all-around affordable and extremely helpful part of your structure! Unfortunately, a corroded chimney cap won’t do you much good, which is why replacing or repairing it as soon as possible is a must.

Have a top-sealing damper? These are at risk, too, and they should be fixed up right away if showing wear and tear from excess exposure to moisture. All in all, if a piece needs attention, the sooner you address it the better off you will be in the long run. Keep an open eye, invest in annual inspections, and heed the advice of your sweep – you’ll be happy you took every precaution in the long run!

Your Bricks & Mortar Are Crumbling

Does your masonry look like it’s deteriorating or crumbling? Then, it’s time to act fast! Brickwork is very absorbent, and if it isn’t waterproofed, then it will continue to take in water, which will eventually cause it to completely break down. The longer you wait, the higher your risk is for a settlement or collapse, and any gaps or openings that form will increase your risk of experiencing gas leaks, house fires, smoke exposure, and more.

Waterproofing is a surefire way to keep your structure in great condition. But don’t trust any old store-bought product! Always trust in a pro to get the job done right. The team here at Wells & Sons is completely trained, and we use products that offer top-notch protection, while being vapor-permeable, so anything already absorbed can effectively escape. Eager to learn more? Give us a call now.

Your Walls & Ceiling Are Stained

Noticing water stains throughout your home? These are another clear-cut sign of water leaks. This isn’t only unsightly, but it’s really bad for your home, and it can lead to mold accumulation, rotting wood, deterioration, and more. This is obviously less than ideal, and it decreases your home value significantly. Take extra precautions by working with our team and investing in preventative maintenance right away!

Your Crown Is Cracked

Is your chimney crown cracked? All too often these aren’t made from appropriate materials, so they wear down at a quick pace. If this is the case for you, a rebuild may be necessary, and once that is done, waterproofing agents should be applied to the entire surface. Without a crown, water will simply flow down the sides of your chimney, and your masonry will suffer significantly – not good at all!

Your Chimney Isn’t Venting Properly

Water throughout your flue is known for causing clogs and blockages, so if you’re experiencing venting problems, excess moisture may be the culprit. It’s definitely worth taking a look, and if other parts of your chimney are showing signs of distress, then there’s a good chance you’re in need of professional care. A thorough sweeping should do the trick, and if repairs are necessary don’t wait to get them done.

Don’t Call A Roofer – Count On Us!

Oftentimes, when homeowners start noticing signs of chimney leaks, their first impulse is to call in a roofer. This isn’t actually the right route to take. While these experts are great at repairing roofs, they simply aren’t trained to repair and protect your chimney. You’re always better off trusting in a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep, who has the training, experience, and knowledge necessary to set you up right.

We encourage folks throughout Pottstown and its surrounding cities to rely on us for it all. We are certified with the CSIA, and we are associated with a number of other reputable organizations, as well, such as the NFI, the NCSG, and the NFPA. If you want a team with tools and expertise to set you up right, we’re it! Call right away to book your appointment.