Christmas is over, and if you’re like most, some resolutions are in order for 2020. If you ask us, home care should be on the top of your list, which is why we urge homeowners throughout Montgomery County and its surrounding areas to invest in waterproofing services from our team! We offer various types of preventative maintenance, all of which ensure you stay better protected for the long haul. If you’re hoping to keep your chimney and fireplace strong and umbrella over house graphicsturdy all year long, then the time to call on the crew is now.

The Dangers Of Water Damage

So, how much damage can water actually do to a chimney? The short answer – a lot! First of all, keep in mind that your brickwork and mortar are very absorbent. The more moisture that soaks into the brickwork, the more they will crumble and deteriorate until you are left with a lot of expensive repair work to address.

Along with this, your chances of experiencing the freeze/thaw process will increase dramatically. What is this? Well, it’s what happens when the water inside of your masonry freezes and expands. Should this occur, your structure will experience a lot of extra strain and, when temperatures rise and the brickwork settles, the chimney will face pressure, as well. All in all, this scenario is one that should be avoided at all costs if you want your system to stand tall and strong for the long haul.

What else does water do to your chimney and fireplace? Well, it can cause clogs, rotting, and decay, and your metal components (such as your flashing, chimney cap, and damper) will suffer immensely, too. When it comes right down to it, it’s well worth investing in some waterproofing and preventative maintenance, as some affordable care now will save you thousands of dollars worth of repair work down the line.

Help – I Already Have Water Damage!

Now, if you are already facing deterioration due to water-related problems, then having everything patched up as soon as possible should be your first priority. Waterproofing, crown repair, flashing installation, and more are only effective if your system is in good shape to begin with! Failing to have any cracks, gaps, holes, or other openings properly repaired will only lead to bigger issues down the line, and it will make it incredibly unsafe to light fires in your home.

One major risk involved with operating a faulty fireplace is the increased likelihood of experiencing a chimney or house fire. Both events are extremely dangerous, and both will lead to a lot of damages. When given clear pathways to your home and woodwork, smoke, heat, and flames can spread quickly. It’s not worth taking a chance when it comes to the safety of your home and family – count on the crew to help you out now!

Running a chimney that is broken down also increases the chances of carbon monoxide entering your home. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas, that is nearly impossible to detect, and its poisonous nature makes exposure something that should be avoided at all costs. Many times people don’t realize its presence until it is too late, leading to serious health issues and, oftentimes, death.

Fortunately, you can avoid countless dangerous scenarios by simply investing in professional maintenance from the start. Always be sure to get that yearly inspection on the books, and if you need repairs, don’t hesitate to get a CSIA certified sweep on the job right away. We also encourage our customers to invest in both smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for their homes. These small devices could make all the difference in keeping everyone better protected!

What We Can Offer You

So, when it comes to protecting your chimney and fireplace from water damage, what steps can be taken to ensure you don’t face any issues down the line? First of all, be sure to ask us about our waterproofing services. Our team uses specialized products that guard your brick and mortar from absorbing too much water, while preserving the look of your structure.

Many homeowners turn to store-bought paints and sealers to do the job, but these only stop moisture from entering. That means any water already inside will stay put and continue to break things down. Here at Wells & Sons Chimney Service, we use vapor-permeable sealants that ensure any pre-absorbed moisture can escape, thus preventing further decay in the future.

Yet, waterproofing isn’t all you’ll need. You will also want to ensure you have a strong, sturdy chimney cap installed, as well as properly fitted flashing. Both of these features prevent water from entering those especially vulnerable areas, so you don’t experience any leaks throughout your chimney, walls, or ceilings.

Is your crown looking a bit worse for the wear? We can handle that, too! All in all, we won’t let you down, and our reliable crew will be happy to answer any questions you have along the way. Ready to get started? Call on our team now. We’re excited to set you up right for the rest of winter and for all of 2020!