Handling a Chimney Leak Image - Pottstown PA - Wells & SonsGearing up for more frequent fireplace use this fall and winter? Then, now is the time to address any necessary repairs or tune-ups. If you have not already scheduled your annual chimney inspection and cleaning, then get a professional in right away to look things over.

You will definitely want to ensure there are no blockages or build-up before lighting any fires, and if you need some work done, then now is the ideal weather for getting things patched up. Once your chimney expert fixes everything up, you can rest easy and enjoy your fireplace to the fullest during the cold, snowy nights that will soon be here.

Avoiding Water Damage

Too much exposure to water can cause a good chimney to go bad very quickly. Water breaks down the mortar and various materials that hold a chimney together. It will also rust the metal components and encourage all types of clogs and decay. On top of this, water eventually causes stains and nasty odors to occur making your entire fireplace experience disastrous.

This is why addressing any leaks before lighting new fires is vital for chimney health. An improper working chimney will leave you dealing with improper ventilation, smoke back-up, and puts you at higher risk for chimney fires. By letting water issues go for too long, you invite lasting damage to your chimney and put your home and family at risk.

Call Right Away

If you are facing issues, call in an expert right away. Getting repairs in now will ensure that your chimney works great throughout the cold months. Once the cold weather strikes, chimney repairs become a lot more difficult to do and you will likely be asked to wait until warmer weather is back.

Why? Unfortunately, the materials used to fix leaks, cracks, holes, and other similar issues need to cure within a specific temperature range. There would be no point in repairing a chimney, only to have it break down again within a few months. Professionals want to do the job right the first time, leaving you with the highest quality of service possible. Schedule your appointment now!

Another reason why warm weather repairs are the best option is for the safety of your chimney expert. Working on an icy roof is less than ideal. Accidents happen too easily and no one wants to be stuck with a broken leg throughout the holidays. By getting your maintenance in now, the staff you hire will be able to do the best job possible and you can enjoy your fireplace worry-free for months to come.

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