Have you been thinking about switching to a fireplace insert? Well, now is the time! A fireplace insert adds a lot to a home. They save you energy, while minimizing the amount of heat you lose, ensuring your home is toasty and warm all winter long. And if you don’t want to lose that traditional feel of an old-fashioned fireplace, no worries! Wood-burning options allow you to keep that classic atmosphere while getting the upgrade you deserve.

If this sounds like the right move for you, we urge you to get this process started. And Wells & Sons Chimney is here to help you out! Give us a call or browse our website today.

Why Now?

So, why is now a great time of year for installations? If you call soon, you’ll still have time to work with us before the fall rush! Things really pick up when the weather gets cooler, and finding the time to fit in bigger installation jobs isn’t always easy. By scheduling now, you allow yourself the opportunity to pick a time slot that works best for you. Don’t be forced to maneuver around countless pre-scheduled appointments… give us a call today, so we can set you up right!

Another benefit to getting your new insert installed now? You’ll be good to go when the holidays arrive! There’s no better time to light a fire than when temperatures drop and loved ones are gathered together. You’ll provide an unbeatable and relaxing aesthetic for your guests, and we know you’ll be more than satisfied all winter long.

Hire A Pro

There’s no doubt that hiring a professional for your upcoming installation is the way to go. A CSIA certified sweep will get the job done right, so you won’t be left facing tons of hiccups along the way. Installing an insert can be an intricate process, and ensuring that your current liner lines up correctly with your new appliance is extremely important.

If things are not properly lined up, you’ll find yourself facing a lot of issues! One of these is excess creosote building up inside of your chimney. This substance inhibits your fireplace insert from running as efficiently as it could, and it also puts your home at a right risk for fires, as it is known for being very flammable. Work with a professional, so you can use your fireplace with ease and peace of mind all year long.

We Can Help!

Lucky for you, Wells & Sons Chimney Service is trained, certified, and highly experienced in all things chimney. We have been serving community members throughout the Pottstown, Allentown, Phoenixville, Paoli, and surrounding areas for nearly forty years – ask your friends and neighbors about us today! We are certain that once you depend on us, you won’t want to turn to anyone else again.

Give us a call now, so we can get started!