In today’s technological age, it’s easier than ever to research “how-to” guides on the Internet whenever you want. There are countless DIY tips and tricks for many projects – building shelves, baking a pie, home renovations, fixing a sink, making your own art… the list could go on and on!

While search engines offer us a lot of great DIY projects, there are some things that we should always left to the pros. One of these things is your regular chimney maintenance. Whether it’s repairs, sweeping, or something else, trusting a certified expert with your chimney is always the way to go.

CSIA Certification

One reason hiring a professional is so important is the extensive knowledge they carry in everything chimney-related. When you hire a chimney company, there is one thing you should always look out for – a CSIA certification. The CSIA holds the standard for chimney care all across the country and any reputable sweep will make sure they have been trained by the best.

When you hire a CSIA technician, you getting the best set of eyes possible on your chimney and fireplace. They will take note of any mishaps or needed repairs. Then they can provide you with the next best steps for getting any issues resolved as quickly as possible. At Wells & Sons Chimney Services, we pride ourselves on being CSIA trained and certified – count on us today!

Keeping Your Home Safe

Many homeowners are unaware of how many parts need to work together to ensure a chimney functions normally. You could put your home and family at serious risk if something has been installed incorrectly, repaired wrong, or if an issue is simply going unnoticed. Clogs, buildup, cracks, holes, deterioration, and more all lead to serious problems down the line. Save on the stress by having your chimney inspected at least once per year.

On top of this, creosote accumulation could likely cause a chimney fire, which will damage your brickwork and leave your home vulnerable to stray flames. Only a professional can ensure that creosote is safely removed thoroughly. Why take any chances when it comes to your loved ones? Call us in today!

We Won’t Let You Down

At Wells & Sons, we have maintained a strong customer base for almost 40 years. We look forward to serving your home and commercial business. We can’t wait to continue serving our communities for many more years to come. Please turn to us for any and all of your fireplace needs, and feel free to present us with any questions or concerns you may be having.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, we always push ourselves to be the best – count on us today for service that won’t let you down!