Owning a fireplace can be a rewarding experience, especially as the months grow cooler. As the temperature drops, you will likely be using your fireplace more often, making it essential to book a professional inspection today to ensure that everything is up to code and that your home and family will be safe. Many times, people do not know where to start when hiring a professional to inspect and clean their chimney, and it is hard to know exactly what services to look for.

Who Not To Hire

While hiring an HVAC professional to do your yearly chimney inspection may seem like an obvious choice, it is not the best option out there. While they do focus on many different heating and venting aspects of the home, chimney services are rarely listed as a part of their routine inspections. HVAC professionals tend to focus on the more modern aspects of heating and cooling, while chimney inspections are more of a specialized trade.

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Wells & Sons Chimney Service provides thorough inspections, as well as cleaning services. Properly cleaning your chimney at least once a year is a critical aspect of proper chimney maintenance and, unfortunately, is a step that HVAC professionals are not likely to offer. Chimney professionals are knowledgeable when it comes to fire codes, so a unit that at one time was compliant, may no longer be considered safe. Trust a chimney and fireplace expert to identify these causes and offer solutions.

Check out these reasons why you want to get your chimney cleaning done on a regular basis.

  • Chimney Fires: If too much debris builds up inside of your chimney, it acts as a fuel and can ignite an unwanted fire. This is a huge reminder on how important regular maintenance is for fireplaces and chimneys. Keep your home and family out of harm’s way by scheduling an inspection today.
  • Wear and Tear: The creosote and other dirt associated with chimneys will cause damage if it sits for long periods of time. The more these materials build up, the more acidity your chimney is exposed to, making costly repairs necessary in the future. Getting a cleaning before this builds up, will help your chimney last longer and keep money in your pocket.
  • Improper Air Flow: Another issue with too much build-up is the lack of proper air flow your chimney will receive. Air flow is essential for both keeping your home smoke-free and keeping your fireplace running properly. If too much creosote builds up in the chimney cap, it will block the air flow from escaping properly.
  • Outside Inhabitants: A reason for cleaning that most people do not consider is the likelihood of animal life building homes and nests in your chimney area. If your chimney has been out of use for a longer period of time, there could be new inhabitants living in it that need to be kicked out before the chimney can be put to use.

When you hire a chimney inspector, you want to find great service and knowledgeable employees that will leave your fireplace clean and in the best condition possible. Schedule an appointment with Wells & Sons Chimney Service today for a thorough overview and cleaning. We proudly serve the Pottstown, Allentown, Perkasie, Exton, Norristown, Phoenixville, and the surrounding areas.