It is easy to forget your chimney exists, especially when it is not in use, but ignoring little problems can result in a major problem and probably at the worst time of year. The ranging Norristown weather, from hot sunny days to brutal winters, can degrade the integrity of your chimney and cause them to become a safety hazard.

Chimney Repair to correct Weather Damage - Montgomery County PA - Wells SonsRegular chimney repairs and maintenance upkeeps are necessary to prevent home damage and deterioration. The changing weather can damage your chimney’s liner and flue and cause masonry to become loose.

The primary danger to a chimney, no matter the season, is water. Besides rusting steel and cast iron lined chimneys, water can penetrate masonry and cause the brick to flake or crack. The problem worsens in the winter time when any infiltrated water then freezes and expands inside the masonry. This can not only lead to brick deterioration, but it can also threaten the flue as well.

Signs That Your Chimney Is Over Do for a Repair

  • Noticeable cracks in the masonry or chimney crown.
  • Peeling wallpaper near the chimney.
  • Outdated or no present flashing.
  • Moist brick or stone inside the home.

Resources: CSIA, High’s Chimney Service, Roof Pro