Masonry throughout a home’s exterior can be a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, it tends to face a lot of wear and tear and, when it’s not properly protected or maintained, this can result in some unsightly brickwork! On top of looking bad, it leaves your chimney vulnerable to even more damage or, worse, a settlement or collapse.

Learn more about the common causes of masonry deterioration below, then trust in Wells & Sons Chimney Services to set you up right!


When it comes to your masonry, moisture can be one of the biggest threats your home will face. Water can easily work its way into your brickwork, causing it to wear down at an incredible pace! The masonry will crumble, and you will start to notice rotting, stains, cracks, clogs, and a whole lot more.

And don’t forget about the freeze/thaw process! When water enters your brick, it freezes and expands when temperatures drop. This causes your brick to expand, too! Once it gets warm again, the water melts, and your chimney settles. The whole process puts a lot of extra pressure on your system, as a whole.

At Wells & Sons, we can address any water damage, fix up your brickwork and mortar, then apply waterproofing to your entire chimney, so that your masonry stays looking good and standing strong for years – call us today to learn more!

Improper Repair

A lot of homeowners experience problems when they hire a company that is inexperienced, uncertified, and altogether sloppy. If you’ve had some bad repair jobs in the past, you may notice that your brickwork looks just as bad as it did before and your mortar is still crumbling!

We also see problems when homeowners try the do-it-yourself approach. Even the handiest person will have trouble when it comes to repairing and protecting masonry. Any replacement pieces need to fit just right and matching up new mortar with the old can be a time-consuming and intricate process!

When it comes to fireplace and chimney repairs, you’ll always want to work with a certified professional. The staff at Wells & Sons are CSIA trained and certified, and we are more than confident that we can get your brick looking new! Count on us for quality work you won’t find anywhere else.


If you don’t invest in regular cleanings and inspections, you’re going to face issues with your chimney system. The CSIA recommends scheduling at least one inspection per year (more if you use your appliance often) so that you know everything is working great and functioning as safely as possible.

Let us make your home the best it can be – call today to set up an appointment with us! We have served the Pottstown, Gilbertsville, Phoenixville, Allentown, and Malvern cities since 1979 and look forward to serving you.