Waterproofing is essential for any chimney owner, but many underestimate the importance of getting this service completed. Your brickwork is strong and sturdy, but excess moisture can break it down in a hurry. Guarantee a longer life for your system by investing in care from the expert team here at Wells & Sons Chimney Service. We can help you out with it all!

Avoiding The Freeze/Thaw Processchimney sweep on roof

With winter approaching and temperatures dropping, one major concern associated with excess moisture is the freeze/thaw process. The freeze/thaw process is what happens when the pre-absorbed water in your brickwork freezes and expands in cold weather. Then, when temps go back up the ice melts, causing your chimney to undergo a lot of stress all in all. This can easily occur multiple times a year as weather fluctuates, meaning your system will wind up facing a lot of wear and tear!

Invest in our waterproofing services as soon as possible, so you don’t need to stress when things start freezing outside. Our products allow your system to breathe out any water that is already stuck inside the masonry, while blocking out any new moisture from coming in. Do-it-yourself products will provide a seal, but most are not vapor-permeable meaning the water already inside the mortar and brickwork will continue to break down the system – not good!

Trust in our experienced and knowledgeable team from the very start, so you can rest easier while lighting fire after fire this holiday season. When it comes to keeping our customers safer and more secure, we never quit!

Other Benefits Of Waterproofing

Avoiding problems during the colder months is important, but unfortunately water-related issues will occur all throughout the year when not properly addressed. By waterproofing now, you can also avoid damages throughout the spring and summer months, as well! Water breaks down your system causing all types of decay and deterioration to occur. Leaks and cracking will make you more prone to dangerous scenarios like gas leaks and house fires, and the more wear you face, the worse your issues will become!

Along with this, your metal components will rust, and you’ll face rotting, clogs, and stains, too. Eventually, these issues could cause your chimney to settle or collapse, which will put your home and loved ones at serious risk! Say good-bye to costly repair work and time-consuming home construction jobs by investing in services from our CSIA certified team right away. Waterproofing will protect your system for the long haul, so you won’t have to stress any time soon!

We Can Inspect Your Chimney Right Away!

If you are at all concerned about the functionality of your chimney or fireplace, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. The CSIA recommends investing in at least one inspection per year and, with Christmas coming up fast, now is the time to call on our team to help you out! Guarantee a safer, cozier, and more relaxing holiday season by scheduling an appointment with us today. We’re the best around!