If you’ve received news that your chimney liner is deteriorating, it’s important to take corrective action right away. Many homeowners have clay liners that don’t bring the long-lasting results they’re looking for. As time goes by, they’ll crumble and wear down, creating even more issues to deal with and decreasing the efficiency of the fireplace. And they’re extremely difficult to fix!

At Wells & Sons Chimney Service, we reline chimney with stainless steel liners because of their high-quality performance and durability. We trust stainless steel because they won’t crack, they protect your flue, they work with any fuel type, and most come with a lifetime warranty

If you need your liner replaced, or if you’re worried about its structural integrity, call in our staff today! We’ll assess your unique situation, then reline your system with the skill, professionalism, and know-how you’re looking for. Our staff is CSIA certified, and we have received numerous awards through the BBB, Angie’s List, and more!

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You Need A Dependable Liner

Having a chimney liner that you can rely on is vital for maintaining good chimney health… and a strong liner makes your home safer, too! There are a few main things a chimney liner contributes to your fireplace set-up. Once you read up, we’re certain you’ll see how important a durable chimney liner is!

First of all, chimney liners prevent toxins from damaging your brickwork and mortar. The gases your fires produce are not healthy for your interior system, and they will wear things down fast. That means you’ll either have to invest in expensive repairs down the line or stop using your fireplace altogether. We don’t like either of those options! Luckily, you won’t have to worry about these issues at all if you simply invest in a stainless steel liner.

Secondly, a strong liner will protect your home. As the toxins break down your masonry, holes and cracks will start to form. This allows stray flames and fumes to easily escape into your living space! This is obviously extremely dangerous, and it puts loved ones in harm’s way. By having us install a stainless steel liner, you won’t have to stress about the wellbeing of your family – call today, and we’ll set you up!

Lastly, a chimney liner enhances efficiency. When we install your new liner, we’ll ensure everything is sized to perfection, so that you get ideal airflow. This will help minimize the accumulation of creosote and will decrease the risk of carbon monoxide entering your home.

Why Wait?

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