Prevent Fires with a Clean Flue - Pottstown PA - Wells & SonsIt is no secret that improper chimney and fireplace care can greatly increase the risk of fires occurring within a home. The importance of maintaining an annual cleaning and inspection done by a professional cannot be overemphasized and will help to ensure that you and your family are safe throughout the year. A fire will not only damage your chimney, but could also cause potential damage to your home and belongings. Worst of all, it puts anyone in the home at risk of serious injury.

Causes of Fire

Staying educated on the main causes of house fires will help to ensure that you are taking proper precautions when it comes to fireplace and chimney maintenance. The following issues increase one’s risk of fire significantly.

  • Creosote Build-Up: Creosote is a highly flammable substance that starts to form when fires are lit within the fireplace. The more it accumulates, the worse off you are. You can slow down the rate at which it forms by using proper burning techniques and by ensuring that your fireplace is cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Improper Air Flow: Air flow is another major issue when it comes to fire safety. If air flow is restricted, your fire will not be given the opportunity to vent properly. Ensuring that all pathways are clear for air to escape and enter where appropriate will keep your home and fireplace free from smoke and greatly reduce your risk of fire.
  • Incorrect Fire-Building Techniques: If you own a fireplace, it is important to study up on the appropriate ways to build a fire. Make sure that the wood you are using is properly seasoned to avoid excess smoke. Also, make sure you follow the correct process before lighting anything. Opening your damper, heating the flue, and the many other steps required to keep fireplaces safe for use should all be put into place every time you light a fire.

Cleaning Your Flue

When it comes to maintaining proper airflow and avoiding excessive amounts of creosote, cleaning your flue will make a significant difference between having a safe fireplace or a dangerous one. If the flue is dirty, damaged, or set up incorrectly, your entire fireplace will suffer and nothing will function as efficiently. The flue is what helps to control air flow, so getting it cleaned regularly will ensure that your home remains safe.

Call A Professional

By calling a professional today, you can greatly lower your risk of danger. Many people try to clean their chimneys on their own, but this is never the safest option. The creosote that is the hardest to remove is the most dangerous type and is almost impossible to dispose of without the right tools and chemicals. On top of that, professionals, like those from Wells & Sons, are trained to clean the flue in a way that ensures every inch of it is taken care of it and ready for use.

Nothing beats the knowledge of a fireplace expert. Wells & Sons Chimney Service is committed to keeping your chimney clean and up-to-code. Call us today and schedule an appointment!