We Sell & Install Wood Stoves & Inserts Image - Pottstown PA - Wells & Sons Chimney ServiceWhen it comes to picking out a new stove or insert for your home, making a decision is never easy. There are many factors to consider such as what type of insert you would like, the appropriate size for your home, and what style would be best. Many homeowners choose wood-burning options and are very happy with the results they face.

Why Choose Wood?

If you are trying to decide between gas, wood, pellet, or electric options, it is important to do adequate research to pick the best fit for you. Between the year 2000 and 2010, wood was the fastest growing heating source in the US. There are many advantages to owning a wood-burning stove or insert. Check them out below.

  • Cheaper Fuel: Wood is an inexpensive and renewable fuel source. If you have the capability to chop and store your own wood, then you never have to worry about purchasing your own fuel, and you can rest easy knowing that some will always be on hand. Studying up on how to check for seasoned wood or how to ensure that your wood dries out properly will help to ensure that every fire you build is strong, without smoking up the house.
  • More Authentic: Often times, people desire that timeless look and feel that a fireplace has to offer. If you want that classic atmosphere throughout your home, then a wood-burning unit is sure to offer you everything you are looking for. Nothing beats the smell and crackle that accompanies burning wood, and you are sure to get many compliments regarding the cozy feel inside your home.
  • Extra Maintenance: While some might view the extra maintenance involved with a wood-burning stove as a nuisance, many view it as a fulfilling hobby to pass the time. There is something gratifying in sitting around a warm fire that you worked hard to build and maintain. If it sounds like a fun hobby to you, then wood-burning is a great choice!

If a wood stove or insert sounds ideal to you, then look no further than Wells & Sons Chimney Service. We offer top of the line models and have the skills and expertise needed as far as installation and regular cleanings and inspections. Regency and Regency Hampton are both well-known, superior brands and Wells & Sons carries both. Not only will they run efficiently, but there are a variety of styles so you are guaranteed to find something that fits with your home décor and personal tastes. Take a look through our collection to find products that stand out above the rest.

When it comes to finding quality service at a reasonable price, we are the place to turn. Leave any stress or worries behind and give us a call today! We are a locally owned and operated company serving Montgomery County and the surrounding areas. We will do all the work and leave you with a new appliance that both friends and family can enjoy for years to come.