If your chimney seems to be working less efficiently, one or more parts are likely out of order. When repairs are needed, you should refrain from using your fireplace until everything is addressed. Take a look around to see what may be causing the issue.

Not sure what to look for? We have provided some clear clear-cut signs that your chimney may need some help! Read them over, then, once you spot the issue, call in a chimney expert to complete the necessary repairs.

Or, if you still cannot spot the issue, schedule an inspection! A certified professional can easily locate any problems. They will provide various solutions, so you will be up and running again in no time.

Rust & Stains

Some of the first things you may notice are discolored masonry or rusting on your metal components. Both of these signs indicate too much moisture, which will eventually lead to some very serious – and dangerous – problems. Look for areas inside your home, as well! If you notice stains appearing on your walls or ceiling, a damaged chimney could be the reason why.

Have an expert do a thorough examination of your chimney, so you know that all issues will be addressed accordingly. You may also want to consider waterproofing your brickwork, thus avoiding water problems in the future. These slow types of deterioration are often the most unsuspecting – fix them now and say goodbye to countless chimney issues down the line!

Spalling Brick & Crumbling Mortar

If mortar starts breaking down and bricks are consistently falling out of your chimney, you have some serious problems on your hands. This structural damage weakens your chimney a great deal, and it could eventually lead to a collapse or settlement if not taken care of right away.

A certified technician can fix these issues and make your brickwork look as good as new. While patching up mortar and inserting new bricks may seem easy enough, this process can actually be quite time-consuming. The sweep must consider when your home was built and what style of brick is needed, and how to match the color of your mortar is an intricate process! Yet, with the right equipment, a qualified pro will get you back to where you need to be.


Various parts of your chimney can show signs of cracking. Be sure to inspect your crown, flue, brickwork, and more for any signs of damage, so you can call in back-up as soon as possible. The crown protects your chimney from bad weather, animals, and all types of debris, and the flue directs all of the smoke and toxins out of your home. Both of these are very necessary for a well-functioning chimney.

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