Masonry stone work provides some of the most durable structures. For instance, stone homes and chimneys have been in existence for more than a century and still going strong. However, even stonework can crumble if left to the elements without proper maintenance for long periods.


As any masonry contractor will tell you, it is important to keep an eye on a stone structure. Looking for cracks in particular is important because they can allow water to creep inside the stone expanding the damage to your home. As water sets inside the stone, it is then allowed to freeze, thaw, and repeat as the weather changes. Each time this cycle is allowed to happen, more stress is put on the stone structure and the integrity weakens.

Besides water, cracks in stone masonry also allows an influx of air into the home. This can cause a serious negative impact on your heating and cooling bill.

One last home invader that can take advantage of cracks in masonry is insects and rodents. They are able to crawl inside your home through the tiniest of cracks. From here they can make their way into the framework of a home and set up shop. Removing them is not only a huge hassle, it can also break the bank.

If you want to ensure that your stonework is capable of lasting a century or longer, it is wise to hire a masonry contractor to inspect your home. They are able to spot faulty or crumbling areas and restore them to new. This will allow you to live safe and secure inside your home.

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