Your chimney liner plays a big role in your fireplace’s overall functioning. Save yourself stress down the line by keeping it in the best condition. Along with this, a liner that fits properly keeps your home and family safer during winter. If you are worried about the state of your chimney liner, count on our team to help you out. Wells & Sons Chimney Service will have your back through it all.

Schedule Your Inspection TodayChimney Liners are important in keeping your home safe

First things first, call us in for your annual inspection, so we can check everything over. A thorough overview of your chimney will let us know if your liner needs repair work or if it needs to be relined altogether. Our CSIA certified crew is trained and qualified to spot any issues, and we can advise you on the best steps to take..

Invest in a stainless steel liner if you need a relining. These designs are durable, can withstand just about anything, and come with a lifetime warranty! We will get it installed correctly, efficiently, and quickly, so you can put your fireplace back to use as soon as possible.

Why Are Liners Important?

The CSIA highlights three major functions of your chimney liner. First of all, they block extreme temperatures from reaching other parts of your home and potentially triggering a fire. Connecting woodwork could catch fire from the heat of your fireplace if it is not adequately protected.

Along with protecting your household, it also protects your masonry from deteriorating. Without a properly fitted liner, acidic gases from the fire can deteriorate your mortar and brickwork. Broken down masonry creates pathways for flames and dangerous gases to enter your house.

Finally, a chimney liner that is properly installed will ensure a more efficient system, guaranteeing you get the heat and comfort you desire. Have a correctly installed liner fitted to get the most out of your fireplace.

Stay Safer By Working With Our Team

All in all, chimney liners decrease your risk of house fires and carbon monoxide exposure significantly. House fires cause serious amounts of damage, along with injuries and death. Carbon monoxide is known for making people very ill and can even be fatal.

Why take any chances? Quit procrastinating and work with our qualified team right away. We are experienced, knowledgeable, and eager to help you out soon!