A masonry contractor is someone who repairs structures using stones, bricks, or even concrete. If you are in the market for a mason, there are several aspects you should consider during your narrowing down process.

What to look for when choosing a masonry contractor - Montgomery County PA - Wells Sons Specialist

Masonry should be performed by specialists. No matter the project, it is part of your home they will be working on, and you should only want an expert masonry contractor who knows what they are doing to help with your renovation. Prepare a list of questions about your job to ask the contractor before hiring. Also, take the time to ask around about them. Previous clients will have no problem giving you their opinion.


The very nature of working with brick is dangerous. The masonry contractor you hire should know how to handle their tools safely. Along the same lines of figuring out if the mason you are hiring is a specialist, ask previous clients how the contractor worked and if any damage was done to their home.

A professional knows how to work to ensure that their are minimal chances of any type of accident occurring that would cause financial or health implications. Always ask to see proof of liability insurance. If an accident were to happen, you could be responsible financially if the contractor is not insured.


As with hiring any type of professional, it is always smart to know their qualifications. Ask any masonry contractor you are considering hiring for any certifications they might have. Highly-trained masonry contractors should have been issued a certification by an accredited technical institution. If the mason cannot back up their claims, they are not really a professional.


There is a lot that goes into well-done masonry projects. Techniques, materials, and colors should all be well-applied. It is your home, and you will be the one who should enjoy looking at the finished product. A skilled masonry contractor is someone who can complete the job on time and give you these results.


Reliability is important whenever you hire anyone to help with a home project in order to get what you paid for. A masonry contractor should not only be on time, but he should have the right tools with him that are needed to complete the work. Contractors who rent their tools from other contracting companies are an example of who to avoid as they can end up delaying your home renovations.

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