Whether you own a home, bought another, or manage properties, getting a chimney certification for your fireplace is vital to ensure the safety of you, your loved ones, and your tenants. There’s no time to lose when the lives and well being of others are at risk. Our team is CSIA certified, and we also follow all local codes.

Dangers Of A Dirty and Damaged Chimney

Dirty chimneys pose threats to all who live inside your home. The biggest issue is creosote accumulation. It forms with each fire you burn, and it’s important to keep the formation of creosote at bay, as it is highly flammable. The more it accumulates, this puts you at a higher risk for a chimney fire!

As you can imagine, chimney fires are extremely hazardous to the health and functionality of your fireplace. Once this occurs, the appliance is unsafe to use. If you continue to use it, this could lead to a potential house fire. Unfortunately, chimney fires are not very obvious. Many people don’t even realize they’ve experienced one after it. This means they will continue to use their fireplace when they should not.

Our Sweeps Can Remove Your Creosote Build-Up and More

Creosote build-up must be avoided for optimal fireplace safety and efficiency. When you call our sweeps, we can tell you if you’re due for a cleaning or not so you can rest easy using your fireplace. However, chimney repairs always needs to be addressed before bigger issues happen, such as gas leaks and fires. If we spot damages or broken parts, we can fix them immediately. We also replace items that are beyond repair, so your fireplace will be back to work in no time.

Spring Weather Is Great For Inspections & Repairs!

When it comes to chimney repairs and maintenance, it’s common for people to wait until fall. Unfortunately, this can cause lots of stress and mishaps. First, fall and winter is busy season for our sweeps. We do our best to accommodate our customers’ schedules and time frames, but sometimes it just does not work out.

Now is the best time to call our team to get your cleaning and inspections in. We’re less busy, and we’ll have plenty of time to address any necessary maintenance such as repairs and sweepings. In addition, spring and summer is the best time for chimney repair, as this is the optimal temperature for the materials to cure properly. Call us today at 610-473-6000.