Many homeowners view spring as the ideal time to do some remodeling. Yet, coming up with new and innovative ideas is not always easy. You will want to ensure that what you do not only looks good, but is easily maintained and will last for years to come. One option to consider is stuccoing your home. Not only will your home look fantastic, but you will gain many added benefits, as well.

Add Stucco to Your Home Today - Pottstown PA - Wells & sons Chimney Service Why Add Stucco?

  • No Painting Required: Stucco holds its own in the looks category, so once it is applied you are good to go. No painting or extra decoration is needed, which means no time is wasted picking out colors, buying supplies, or putting on multiple coats of paint. Nothing is worse than getting a color applied, only to discover it does not look good or dries differently than expected. Save the headache of painting and go with stucco instead.
  • Waterproofed Walls: Keeping water out of the home is important in maintaining its structural soundness. If mold and mildew start to form, they are not easily removed and they can trigger lasting health issues for those living there. Also, water damage is hard to reverse, meaning any furniture or stored belongings that get wet will likely be permanently ruined. If put in properly, stucco can work great for keeping moisture out, leaving your home mold-free and your possessions safe and dry.
  • Extra Insulation: Stucco can be installed in a way that adds extra insulation to your home. This keeps those inside warm when temperatures outside drop and helps to save on energy bills by ensuring that no heat escapes your home. It also reduces the likelihood of pollen and dust entering the home and decreases outside noise, ensuring anyone residing in the house can rest and relax whenever needed.

When Should Stucco Be Added?

The best time to add stucco is during the spring months, once temperatures begin to rise. There is an ideal temperature range for applying stucco and it works the best when it can dry at an appropriate rate. If it dries too quickly, it could crack, meaning a lot of work would need to be redone. Yet, too much moisture will trigger problems, as well, and will make the work a lot more difficult to complete.

Adding stucco can be an extensive and difficult process, so calling in a professional would be the best option for any homeowner considering this remodeling project. Multiple layers must be applied and mastering the ideal weather conditions can be tricky. If things go wrong it will mean a lot of time and expense wasted on something that could have been done more easily by an expert.

At Wells & Sons Chimney Service, we are ready and willing to help you apply stucco to your home. This time of year is ideal, as weather conditions tend to be just right for successful application. Do not hesitate and schedule an appointment before you miss your window of opportunity! Call us today at (610) 473-6000!