A beautiful masonry chimney or wall can add the perfect aesthetic to any home. It offers a more classic, timeless look that will always be in style, and there is no doubt that friends, neighbors, and family members will rave about how great it looks! If you have masonry in your home, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. But what happens when your brickwork starts to wear down and look less than refined? Well, that’s where our team of experts can help you out!

We perform masonry services on chimneys and home exteriors in addition to repair jobs, stucco work, pointing, and waterproofing. We have all the tools and experience necessary for setting you up with the clean and polished look you’re hoping for! Call on our professional staff today. We’re excited to help you out!

About Pointing

If you’re not 100% clear on what pointing is exactly, let us educate you. Pointing is the process of removing old and damaged mortar and replacing it with new materials. This is complex and intricate work that takes knowledge, patience, and a whole lot of experience. Matching the new mortar to the old is no easy feat and failing to do so won’t give you that seamless look you’re hoping to achieve. That’s why this is a job that is always best left to the experts! Ask our team about pointing your masonry today.

About Stucco

Stucco is easy to maintain, affordable, and we can apply it in about any color you’d like. We can apply stucco to your home or chimney, so it will look fresh and amazing in no time! We can also repair your current stucco. It will look like you’ve had expensive and time-consuming work done in your home, but we’ll be able to complete the job before you know it.

About Masonry Repair & Renovation

Masonry cracks and deteriorates from time to time. Whether you have faced damages due to weather, water damage, collisions, neglect, or something else, we can get your brickwork looking like new again. We clean masonry and restore it to its original state. We also work on historical homes, and you don’t need to worry about losing that old-timey charm when our team is on the job!

Invest In Waterproofing!

Once your masonry is looking great again, be sure it stays protected year after year by investing in our waterproofing services! Our products cover and seal your chimney so that water and moisture cannot enter and wreak havoc. Unlike paints or other sealers, our waterproofing agents will provide protection while still allowing your chimney to breath and vent out necessary vapors.

If stains and damage in your masonry are bringing you down, put your worries on our shoulders and let us take care of it all. We love serving homeowners throughout the area so they feel happier and safer season after season. Give us a call now!