An attractive masonry chimney can increase the value of your home significantly, but cracks, gaps, and crumbling brickwork can easily do the opposite. If you are looking for ways to boost the curb appeal of your home, then you should invest in masonry repairs. Fortunately for those in Pottstown and its surrounding areas, the team at Wells & Sons Chimney Service is here to help.

About Our Pointing Services

historical looking homeAn extremely effective service that both improve the look and structural soundness of your system is pointing. This is the process of removing old, damaged, and flaking mortar from your masonry and replacing it with new materials. Have you considered trying to tackle this process yourself with a little know-how and a caulk gun? This is not recommended. Failing to use the right mixture can hurt your structure, causing more damage down the line.

Our experts have the tools and technology necessary for matching the masonry precisely, so your structure stand stronger and look better for the long haul. The colors will match perfectly, offering a seamless and streamlined look. Trust our team today to get the job done right.

Need Other Repairs?

Along with pointing services, we also offer chimney stucco and chimney rebuilds. Both of these services can increase the aesthetic of your chimney significantly. It is all too common for water to work its way into your system to trigger all kinds of decay and deterioration. However, our techs can put an end to any wear and tear, giving your masonry the help it needs to stand tall for the long haul with our many masonry repairs.

Be Sure To Invest In Waterproofing, Too!

Once your system is ready for use, you should also invest in waterproofing to ensure maximum protection from water for many years. When it comes to keeping moisture out of your brickwork, store-bought paints and sealers just don’t cut it. Many of them are not effective, and they typically are not vapor-permeable either, meaning fumes and pre-absorbed moisture will get locked inside of your structure to cause even more damages. Our team is qualified to waterproof all masonry structures, so you can stress less about facing damages down the line!

Why Trust In Us?

Why should you trust us with your masonry repairs and restorations? Our service areas have received quality care from our CSIA certified crew for years, and our long list of testimonials speak for themselves. We strive to stay educated and up-to-date on any advances in our field, and we never take shortcuts or skimp on care. Don’t hesitate to invest in a team that puts your needs first. Get our sweeps on the job ASAP!