When it comes to keeping water out of your chimney, investing in the appropriate professional care and preventative maintenance is a must. Chimney caps are a big part of this process, working hard to keep your flue free of excess water. Thanks to this small, yet effective piece of chimney anatomy, your liner stays dry and undamaged, and your smoke shelf, firebox, and masonry stay better protected, too.

But did you know that a chimney cap also does a lot more than protect you from water damage? Learn more about all it can do by reading the information we have provided below. Then, count on the Wells & Sons team to get your current cap repaired or a new one installed. We would love to help you with this process.

Keeping Critters Outbrick chimney with cap

Chimneys are known for providing an ideal home for countless animals, from birds to raccoons to bats and more. Unfortunately, this can make it very unsafe to use the fireplace, and it puts the animals at risk, too. Along with this, some animals, like chimney swifts, are protected by law meaning, once they settle in, you cannot remove them until they leave on their own. This means no fires for an indefinite period of time.

A chimney cap is an effective way to keep those critters out for good. No nesting materials clogging up your flue, no feces stinking up your living space, and no endangered creatures to wait on. Have your cap installed as soon as possible. It’s the right move to make!

Preventing Buildup

Unfortunately, animals aren’t the only thing that can make fireplace usage more difficult. If dirt, leaves, twigs, and excess debris blow into it, it won’t take long for things to clog up. Clogs and obstructions in your chimney make it work much less efficiently, and they can cause smoke and other fumes to back up into your home, as well. This means a heightened risk of carbon monoxide exposure, which is a poisonous gas that causes hundreds of deaths every single year.

Buildup can also increase your chances of experience house and chimney fires especially if the materials are highly flammable. It’s not worth taking any chances, so get the professional care you need from our team today.

That’s Not All!

Chimney caps can prevent water damage, build up, and animal entry – pretty great, right? Well, the list doesn’t end there! These devices can also block downdrafts, and they serve as spark arrestors, too, ensuring no stray sparks or embers land on your roof. All in all, they are an affordable and worthwhile investment that every fireplace owner should have.

Let The Wells & Sons Team Help You

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