As the comfortable warmth of summer gradually gives way to the bitter chill of winter, you take refuge in your home, relying on your furnace for heat. As the temperatures drop, you turn the heat up higher; still, Furnace Tune Up Chimney Cleaning Wells & Sonsyour home doesn’t feel warm enough, and you find yourself bundled in blankets once again. When blankets start to make up for the lack of heating, you consider having your furnace inspected. What you may not realize, however, is that your chimney also affects your home’s heating and is directly related to your furnace. At best, what you don’t know can lead to colder winters, and at worst, it can lead to serious harm or even death.

As a gas heating appliance, your furnace depends on the chimney to vent its released exhaust; therefore, if you’re going to have your furnace tuned up, then you should also have your chimney cleaned. An annual tune-up can prevent your furnace from breaking down. Part of a tune-up is cleaning away any dirt that has collected in your furnace to ensure reliable heating; however, just as important as cleaning your furnace is cleaning your chimney, since the chimney allows your furnace to run effectively. Chimney cleaning coupled with a furnace tune-up ensures that both you and your home reap the maximum benefits:

  • Maximize your furnace’s efficiency. When debris collects in your chimney system, it can obstruct the furnace flue. This buildup of debris can prevent your gas heating appliance from running efficiently.
  • Ensure safety. Once debris from your chimney has caused a blockage in your furnace flue, efficient heating may be the least of your worries; a blocked furnace flue poses a major carbon monoxide hazard to you and your home. A chimney cleaning can also prevent accumulation of soot deposits in the chimney. Soot deposits can lead to improper venting of the carbon monoxide produced by your furnace, pushing deadly fumes right into your home.
  • Save money. Annual furnace tune-ups should serve as reminders to also have your chimney inspected and cleaned, since your furnace produces acids that can cause corrosion of your chimney system. Often, the damage caused by these acids is not noticeable until the problem warrants expensive repairs. Over time, corrosion can even cause your chimney to crumble. According to the [Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), “A thorough annual inspection of your chimney, as recommended by the National Fire Protection Association and the Chimney Safety Institute of America, can alert you to potential problems before they become costly or dangerous.” Moreover, since your chimney and furnace are so interdependent, problems with your chimney can lead to problems with your furnace. Not only can this domino effect lead to costly furnace repairs, but it can also generate higher utility bills due to improper maintenance and higher energy usage.

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