Keep Your Prefabricated Chimney Protected With A Quality Chase Cover!

Prefabricated chimneys are often simple metal chimneys with a chase surrounding them. The chase is designed to protect the metal components of the chimney flue and piping, but they still leave an opening at the top where rain, snow, sleet, leaves and other debris can enter and cause damage. That’s why you need a quality chase cover.

Much like a chimney crown, the chase cover helps keep moisture away from the top of the flue, preventing water damage in your chimney and home. Your prefabricated chimney should have come with a chase cover, but oftentimes, stock chase covers are composed of galvanized metal which can quickly rust and corrode.

How Do I Know If My Chase Cover Needs To Be Replaced?

There are several signs that your chase cover may be damaged and in need of replacement. The primary thing most homeowners notice is rust or staining on the chimney chase or side of the house. This is a sign that the chase cover has begun to deteriorate; the staining is caused by rusting metal.

In addition, some homeowners may notice a chimney leak. A chase cover that has been damaged or is not properly fitted will allow water into the chimney, resulting in water in the flue or firebox, a musty or dank smell in the chimney, or even water damage to walls and ceilings around the chimney.

Copper chase cover.
Black chimney cap.
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Custom Chase Covers

At Wells & Sons Chimney Service, we can custom build a new stainless steel chase cover for your prefabricated chimney. This process yields the end result of a chase cover that is specially designed and fitted for your home, minimizing the chance of leaks. In addition to making sure your chase cover perfectly fits your chimney, we also offer chase covers in a wide variety of colors and styles. This allows you to find the perfect chase cover to blend in with the existing style of your home and neighborhood.

Schedule Your Chimney Relining Appointment As Soon As Possible!

To keep your prefabricated chimney looking beautiful and functioning well, consider adding a custom, high-quality chimney chase cover. Call Wells & Sons Chimney Service today at (610) 473-6000 to find out more about what a chase cover can do for your chimney!

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