There is nothing better on a cold day than lighting a roaring fire to keep you toasty. However, a fireplace should be thought of as a privileged responsibility that requires care to ensure your home remains standing. The masonry plays a large role in the build of a chimney and is one important part that should be inspected regularly to safeguard your family and home from a fire or other dangers. Here are some chimney masonry signs to look for that could be a sign of damage.

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A build up of white discoloration, or efflorescence, on your chimney is caused by a buildup of moisture in the concrete or masonry. This is most likely caused by the moisture inside the home condensing on the inside of the chimney during colder months. If not dealt with when noticed, it could rapidly lead to a deteriorated chimney.

Damaged Mortar Joints

When the chimney mortar becomes damaged and breaks down, the chimney masonry is then increasingly exposed to moisture. As this occurs, it will only speed up the rate at which the chimney deteriorates. During freezing temperatures, this is even more dangerous as the whole chimney could eventually collapse.

Spalling and Shaling

When masonry damage is noticed, it can also be a sign of a different problem. Spalling and shaling, for instance, is when the masonry tiles begin to fall off. If you notice it on the inside of the chimney (shaling) the flue is most likely damaged. When it occurs on the outside (spalling), however, this is another sign of excess moisture accumulation.

Brickwork Crumbling

If a chimney is neglected it can begin to crumble and eventually collapse. When the bricks become deteriorated, tuckpointing is needed to remove the damaged mortar. Changing the disintegrating bricks with new ones will cause the chimney to become stable and safe once again. This is also less costly than having to replace a collapsed chimney.

Cracked Chimney Crown

Once again, another problem that can lead to a development of too much moisture. If a crack is noticed in the chimney crown, it should be repaired immediately to avoid moisture leaking in which could cause much bigger problems if it were allowed to freeze.

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