Many homeowners have heard of chimney sweeping logs. What are they exactly? Chimney logs are designed to burn in your fireplace like a regular wood log, while minimizing creosote accumulation at the same time. When used correctly they can reduce build-up, thus making your chimney safer to use on a regular basis.

This leaves many wondering if it replaces a professional sweep. The answer to this is no! Having a certified tech come in to visually inspect your chimney is vital! Doing this maintains the health of your fireplace as a whole. The CSIA does not disprove the use of these logs. However, they stress the importance of scheduling an annual inspection. This ensures your chimney stays safe for regular use.

Clearing Out Blockages

Not used your chimney for a while? If so, it is likely that birds or other woodland critters have built nests throughout it. Making sure these animals (and any debris they bring in) are removed will save you a lot of stress when it comes to running your chimney as efficiently as possible. Blockages lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, smoke back-up, and prevent your fireplace from doing its job.

When a certified pro comes to check your fireplace over, they do a thorough inspection to ensure no blockages have occurred. If there is some build-up that may hinder proper ventilation, they can remove it. Therefore, getting things back to where they need to be. The chimney sweeping log is incapable of doing this. In order to ensure your fireplace is clear, you need to hire a professional to get the job done right!

Checking For Damage

Another thing your chimney sweeping log can’t do? Check for any cracks, holes, or other forms of damage. When it comes to running things as safely as possible, addressing any needed repairs right away is important. CSIA certified experts know what to do when it comes to chimney repairs. They know where to look for any potential issues and will fix you up right. So, you gain the peace of mind you deserve.

Performing A Thorough Sweep

Lastly, while these logs can reduce build-up and creosote accumulation, they should never replace your annual chimney cleaning or sweeping. When your chimney expert cleans your chimney they use a wide variety of special tools, chemicals, and other equipment, all of which is designed to make your chimney stand strong for years to come.

All in all, nothing beats the visual overview offered by a chimney technician. Without this professional inspection, you will be left worrying about fire hazards and exposure to harmful toxins every time you light a fire.

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