If your chimney isn't moving smoke and carbon monoxide up and out like normal, call Wells and Sons for help.

If your chimney isn’t moving smoke and carbon monoxide up and out like normal, call Wells and Sons for help.

While fireplaces often offer a huge comfort throughout many homes, they are not much fun if they are not working properly. Ventilation issues are likely the reason that your house may smoke up every time you light a fire or why you might be having trouble starting a fire at all. Other signs might be not getting enough heat or noticing a persistent odor even when there is no fire lit. Draft problems are common in fireplaces and can be a frustrating process to deal with, especially with the cold months quickly approaching. Yet, while these issues are not ideal, they are problems that can be solved, sometimes quite easily. The following issues affect the draft flow of your chimney and could be why you are experiencing so much discomfort.

Chimney Height

Make sure that your chimney is up to regulations as far as height. A chimney that is too short can be a cause for draft problems. The taller your chimney is, the more the draft will increase and the more you will be able to enjoy your fireplace to its fullest. Adding height to your chimney is a fairly easy fix. Just building another section can drastically improve your draft flow.

Clogged Chimney

Sometimes the issue is as simple as getting your chimney cleaned. Certified professionals are trained to find any build-up in the chimney, whether it be tar, creosote, animal nests, or anything else. They also know how to dispose of all these elements in a proper fashion. Getting your fireplace professionally cleaned and inspected one to two times a year is vital in maintaining chimney health. A clogged chimney cannot manage airflow like it is supposed to and is a common reason why draft issues occur within a home.

Cracks or Leaks

Cracks in the chimney are another cause for poor draft flow. Make sure there are no areas where any air leaking could occur and, if there are, seal them up. Also, check the masonry of your chimney to ensure that all of the bricks are lined up properly and that no cracking has occurred throughout the structure. A professional will know exactly what to look for, so be sure to have your chimney inspected for all of these possible issues. If anything is found, they will know what steps to take in addressing the problem.

Not Enough Heat

A simple solution to draft issues may be to burn a hotter fire. This will produce hotter air which increases the amount of pull in a chimney. The more heat produced, the lighter the air will become and, since a chimney works with negative pressure, the air is more likely to flow upwards and create better overall draft.

If you are experiencing draft issues and need solutions fast, contact Wells & Sons Chimney Service today! We will work to fulfill your chimney needs and offer you comfort throughout the cold months ahead.