Do you need a service that will improve the efficiency of your dryer, keep your home safer, and allow you and your loved ones the peace of mind you all deserve? Then, it is time to invest in dryer vent cleaning services from the team at Wells & Sons Chimney Service. Learn more about the importance of regular cleanings below, then count on us to give you the care you need to feel at ease. We are ready to help you out soon!

Clogs & Overheatinghand pulling clothes out of dryer

So, what happens when your vents get dirty? Well, the more lint and excess debris that accumulates, the harder it is for fumes, heat, and vapors to properly vent. Your dryer sends a lot of hot air through your vents and out of your home, keeping your property much safer throughout the process, but if these passageways are blocked up, the heat has nowhere to go.

Now, combining these high temperatures with your flammable dryer lint will more often than not result in a pretty disastrous situation. When your appliance is backed up, it can easily overheat, triggering a fire in your dryer. As you can imagine, it does not take long for flames and smoke to spread through your home, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage and putting your loved ones at risk.

The facts are that thousands of dryer fires occur every single year in the United States, and it is a problem that could easily be prevented if homeowners simply invested in annual maintenance. Trusting in a professional to get the job done right guarantees a safer home and a better working appliance, so do not hesitate to get on the phone with our sweeps today.

Signs Your Vents Need Attention

So, how can a homeowner know that their vents need professional care? Well, first of all, consider whether or not you have had a cleaning done in the last year. If the answer is no, then get one scheduled. Having the system looked over annually is the best way to ensure your home and family stay as safe as possible.

Other times, people will realize there is a problem when the appliance stops drying clothes effectively. If you are running the machine over and over and your laundry is still damp, then your vents are likely the culprit behind poor performance. Other signs include high temperatures in the laundry room, excess lint in your dryer, musty odors, and your clothes being especially hot after a cycle has ended.

Staying alert and aware can save you from damage and/or injury, so do not put off a cleaning if you are feeling even a little bit concerned. We also suggest purchasing carbon monoxide detectors, as clogged vents can cause dangerous fumes to back up into your home and affect the health of those living inside of it.

The Time To Call Is Now

There is no time to lose when your home is potentially at risk, so get our experts on the phone today, and we will be happy to look things over. For dryer vent care in Pottstown and its surrounding areas, there is no better crew to call.