It is easy to feel overwhelmed when looking for someone to hire for your annual chimney cleaning and inspection. In this day and age, a simple online search can bring up thousands upon thousands of businesses claiming to be the best fit for your needs. What to remember throughout this process is the importance of finding someone who is trained specifically for fireplaces and specializes in becoming as knowledgeable as they can be as far as chimney safety and maintenance.

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Fireplaces have an extensive anatomy and each fireplace is different. There are various options as far as what type of fireplace one can own and what kind of maintenance that fireplace requires. The CSIA strives to ensure that their experts are knowledgeable on all of these factors. Messing up even one step of an installation process can leave your fireplace working improperly, increasing your risk for potential hazards.

Homebuilders often seem like a logical choice when hiring someone for your fireplace needs. Yet, most often they do not possess the extensive knowledge that a trained expert would be able to offer. The ins and outs of a chimney can be extensive and complicated so getting someone that knows each component thoroughly is extremely important in ensuring the safety of your home. Businesses that specialize in fireplace care will ensure that their professionals are certified in all aspects of fireplace and chimney safety.

What To Look For

So, what exactly should a homeowner look for when hiring for chimney maintenance? Follow these guidelines to ensure that you are making the safe choice for your home and family.

  • Age of the business. How long a business has been running says a lot about its quality of service. If they have been established for many years, they are clearly doing things right and keeping customers satisfied and coming back.
  • Current references. A well-run business will be happy to offer up client satisfaction stories, as well as contact numbers. These references can offer unbiased outlooks as to how efficiently or inefficiently a business may be running.
  • Lack of Complaints. Check out any reviews with city or state agencies and make sure that there is little to no negative feedback about the business you are hoping to hire. If there are many serious complaints, consider looking into someone else.
  • Valid Insurance Liabilities. Make sure that anyone you hire has updated insurance policies. That way, you and your home will be protected should any accidents occur throughout the inspection and cleaning process.

If you are in need of an inspection, call Wells & Sons Chimney Service today. Our professionals are CSIA certified and also have certifications and memberships with the NFI, the NCSG, and the NFPA. We obtain these to offer the best services possible, so that you can rest easy knowing your home and family will be safe throughout the fast approaching winter months.