At Wells & Sons Chimney Service, we always make sure to stress the importance of regular chimney inspections and cleanings. But did you know that regular maintenance is also important for your dryer vents? It not only helps them function better… it will keep your home safer, too! Our staff is trained and certified to get this job done for you in no time. Learn more below!

Lowering Your Energy Bills

One of the biggest benefits of having your dryer vents cleaned is the potential decrease in your energy bills. When your vents are stuffed up, you’ll find yourself running multiple cycles just to dry one load of laundry. This causes energy bills to spike quite a bit! Save yourself some money throughout the year by investing in this service right away.

Enhancing Convenience

On top of the money saved, you’ll notice your cleaning schedule clearing up. While you’re waiting and waiting for your laundry to dry, your dirty clothes pile gets bigger and bigger. Stay ahead of the game and keep your dryer running efficiently by turning to our certified staff. We can help you out soon, so your schedule is back on track in no time!

Making Your Home Safer

Above all, a clean dryer vent will make your home a safer place to live. The dangers of a dirty dryer vent are often underestimated. The facts are that thousands of dryer fires occur throughout the country every year and most of these are caused by clogged dryer vents. There’s no sense in taking the risk when so much is at stake.

On top of this, clogged vents can lead to exposure to harmful fumes and toxins. Your dryer needs the chance to properly vent these gases out and, when the pathway is blocked, there is no chance of this occurring. The fumes will simply turn around and come back the way they came. Inhaling these gases could lead to sickness and hospital visits, which only leads to more stress and bigger expenses. Call today to avoid all the hassle.

What Should I Look Out For?

First and foremost, if it’s been over a year since your last dryer vent cleaning, then you should schedule one right away. Having this task completed on an annual basis will ensure efficiency month after month, without putting excess stress on you as a homeowner.

Other than that, there are a few signs that clearly indicate your dryer vents need some attention. These might include the following: longer drying cycles, excess heat in/around the dryer, excess lint in/around the dryer, a musty odor, and unusually hot clothes when the drying cycle completes. If you notice any of these abnormal things, call us in, so we can ensure your home and family stay as safe as possible.

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