Your chimney liner plays a vital role in the safety and efficiency of your fireplace and chimney, so addressing any damages you experience is a must. When it comes to your chimney, putting off repair work can only lead to bigger and costly issues down the line. Therefore, it is well worth the money to work with a team of experts of soon as possible.

If your liner is suffering, count on our team with repair and relining services. In no time, you will be set up right and won’t have to stress about facing the following issues associated with a damaged chimney liner.

A Higher Threat Of Fire

masonry chimney with nice capChimney liners are made to protect your home from the intense heat from your fires. In fact, it only takes a few hours for flames to make their way through an unlined chimney, putting you at risk of experiencing a house fire. A stainless steel liner correctly installed by our team will give you the protection and peace of mind you need to enjoy burning season to the fullest.

Damage Throughout Your Brickwork

Without a well-fitted liner in place, your masonry will suffer, too. The gases produced when you light fires will eat away at exposed brickwork and mortar, causing it to crumble and break down. As gaps, cracks, holes, and openings form throughout your structure, your risk of experiencing house fires, gas leaks, and smoke exposure increases significantly. Not to mention, you will also need to invest in expensive masonry repair work too! You should invest in the protection your chimney needs from the start to avoid the stress and hassle.

A Lack Of Efficiency

A big problem with chimney liners is that many assume that as long as they have one in place, they don’t need to worry about anything. Unfortunately, we often spot liners that were installed incorrectly, which leads to a lack of efficiency and increases the homeowner’s chance of experiencing carbon monoxide exposure. Exposure to this colorless, odorless gas can end up fatal, so this is not something to take lightly. An improperly fitted liner can also increase the amount of creosote accumulation, which triggers deterioration, blockages, and increases your risk of experiencing a chimney fire.

A Worthwhile Investment

All in all, a new chimney liner may be just what your chimney needs to function more efficiently and keep your family safer this fall. With the burning season still months away, now is the perfect time to invest in services and repair works your chimney needs. When fall arrives, you can sit back, relax, and put your feet up by a cozy, crackling flame. What are you waiting for? Reach out to the Wells & Sons team today!