Choosing a Venting Option


First and foremost, know the government rules and regulations in your area pertaining to fireplaces, as some U.S. states ban certain types of fireplaces, like the vent free option.

Direct Vent

This is considered the overall best option in venting. Not only does the direct vent fireplace eliminate the need of a chimney, but it also adds a variety of venting space options, such as top and rear venting, to add to your choices and convenience.


The direct vent option is successful and efficient because it does not use air from inside the home. Rather it uses a special metal duct and pulls fresh air into your home from the outside; thus, it does not compete with existing indoor home appliances’ combustion air. Additionally, it also exhausts its combustion again to the outside through a separate chamber.

Remember, the front of the fireplace is sealed, typically with glass, so the air quality will not be affected and the warm air in the room will not be lost.

Vent Free

Another highly efficient and reliable option for your gas fireplace, also known as ventless or unvented. Unlike direct vent gas fireplaces, the vent free option allows all the air and heat to stay inside the home. This means air, combustion gases, moisture, etc. are drawn from and expelled right into your room. Carbon monoxide, water vapor, and other things, will be present so it is up to you to decide if this option is safe for your home setup and inhabitants.


It is worth noting that vent free gas fireplaces are easier and more convenient to install, especially in hasty or back-and-forth situations like rentals or renovation processes, as a fireplace can be hung on the wall quickly.

Choosing a Fuel Type

So, you have decided on your gas fireplace. Now know you have two fuel options to run your product.


Whether your gas fireplace is inside or outside, this fuel option can serve you. Propane tanks can be placed anywhere, which makes this fuel option the most convenient. Try this option for anything from outdoor fire pits to portable appliances, but remember the tanks must be replaced.

Natural Gas

If you live in a suburb or residential community where a gas line is already installed into your home, then this is the right option for you. Even if you do not already have a hookup, natural gas is still one of the cheaper forms of energy. Note that this option is only good for stationary fireplaces and appliances.

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