As a fireplace owner, you likely realize that investing in regular inspections and sweepings from time to time is important. But did you know that the CSIA recommends investing in a professional inspection at least once per year? Well, as CSIA-certified chimney sweeps, the team at Wells & Sons Chimney Service takes these yearly inspections seriously. We strongly encourage homeowners to make this important investment.

If you’re due for your inspection, why not give us a call now? Many homeowners wait until fall comes back around, but that can lead to some scheduling conflicts that are hard to work around. We get really busy when temperatures start to drop, which is why we recommend scheduling any maintenance now. You’ll be able to book a time slot that works better for your routine. You’ll also have one less thing to worry about come fall. Pick up the phone today!

Doing Wonders For Your Chimney’s Health

By now you understand how important regular inspections are! But just why is this work so vital for maintaining chimney health? Well, for one thing it helps technicians spot necessary repairs earlier on and address them before they get much worse. The longer cracks, holes, and crumbling goes without being fixed, the more issues you’ll end up facing. Repair costs will get more and more expensive, and as the damages get worse, your home and family will face more risks.

In addition, inspections are necessary for spotting creosote build up and excess debris, both of which can cause clogs and create fire hazards. Creosote is highly flammable and, when you have a lot of it, you’re chimney is at a higher risk of experiencing a chimney fire. Chimney fires make your fireplace extremely unsafe for use and, the scariest part is that most homeowners don’t even realize they’ve had one! Investing in annual inspections is the best way to ensure creosote isn’t creating hazardous situations for your home.

While excess creosote is a big reason your chimney breaks down, it’s not the only thing we watch out for. In our inspections, we’ll also check for anything that may be causing obstructions, such as nesting materials, animals, dirt, twigs, leaves, and more. We can also look for any signs of water damage, then introduce you to necessary measures for preventing further damage.

Now Is the Time For Repairs, Too!

Like we said, inspections are necessary for spotting necessary repairs and, should some be needed, now is the time to get them done. We have months before the burning season kicks off again, ensuring plenty of time to get the work done during a timeframe that works well with your schedule. Also, the materials we use will be able to properly cure in this ideal temperature range. There’s really no better time to call us in!

For more information, contact our qualified staff now. We can’t wait to hear from you!