When it comes to your fireplaces and chimneys, our team of experts at Wells and Sons Chimney Service can solve your issues and repair anything. We particularly pay attention to chimney crowns, and we highly value the importance of having a crown that is intact and structurally sound. If you need help, we’ve got you covered. Schedule your appointment today!

What Does The Crown Do?

The main purpose of the crown is to help protect your masonry from water damage. Your brickwork and mortar are especially vulnerable to moisture. Excessive moisture buildups on your masonry could lead to eventual deterioration and breakage, and this can even lead to other threatening issues such as gas leaks and structural collapses.

The chimney crown is built to go past the edge of your chimney. It’s build like this to prevent rain, snow, and sleet from the sides of your structure. This minimizes water exposure significantly for your porous masonry. A poorly constructed crown can also cause damage to your masonry.

Damaged Crowns Cause Leaks

A damaged crown also increases your likelihood of experiencing chimney leaks. As cracks and openings form, water is given easy access to your chimney’s interior. This could lead to some potentially expensive and hazardous problems. On top of that, your fireplace won’t be safe for use either. Call our experts to get your repairs underway so your chimney is ready for the cold months ahead.

Don’t Waste Any More Time

Chimney crown repairs are definitely not something to put off. This can only lead to bigger and costly issues down the road. Call our experts now, while the weather is nice. We have the time and experience to get you on our schedule fast! Give us a call at 610-473-6000 now to set up your appointment.