Importance of Cleaning Your Furnace Flue Image - Pottstown PA - Wells & Sons Chimney ServiceWhen it comes to heating your home, having your furnace regularly inspected and cleaned is always a good idea. While calling in a professional may seem like something you can shrug off from year to year, an annual assessment is important for keeping your home and family safe. One thing that needs to be checked out during these inspections is the furnace flue.

What Is A Furnace Flue?

The flue in your furnace is what pushes any hazardous gases out of your home. Furnaces produce a lot of harmful toxins when working to heat your home and these fumes need to go somewhere. A proper working flue will pull the gases up out of the home, removing any risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or other illness.

Flues also help to ensure that your home is heated as efficiently as possible. They are a vital component of the furnace and any blockages or damage will endanger your loved ones and wind up costing you a lot in energy bills as you try to heat your home.

Cleaning Your Furnace Flue

When you set an appointment to have your furnace cleaned, the person who comes out will inspect your flue, along with everything else. He will check for holes to ensure that no toxins are escaping into your home and ensure that the air flow is functioning as efficiently as possible. If replacement parts are needed, a professional can offer insight as to what products would work best for your home.

An expert can also note any blockages and remove excess debris that may be hindering the flue from operating as it should. Birds and other critters often turn to places like the flue to build nests and store twigs and leaves. The more build-up in a flue, the quicker it will start to corrode and break down. Regularly scheduled maintenance ensures that things can work properly for years on end.

Replacing The Flue

If enough corrosion has occurred, you may need to replace the flue altogether. There are instances where small leaks can be fixed, but if big enough holes have formed, then you are better off buying a new flue. A professional can help you with the various options and will advise you on what would work most efficiently with your furnace type.

Once your new flue has arrived, have a professional install it, so you can rest assured knowing that everything will function correctly. Once all of the components are in place, you should be set for years to come, as long as you continue with regular inspections and maintenance.

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