Is your firewood seasoned - Montgomery County PA - Wells & Sons Chimney ServiceDo you know if your firewood has been seasoned correctly? The difference between seasoned and unseasoned wood is moisture. Moisture does not burn, but instead boils. When the moisture is burning out of wood, it creates an unpleasant smoke. Burning seasoned wood does not create a thick smoke, and it heats the home efficiently.

Seasoned wood should sit anywhere from six to twelve months before burned. When letting it sit, protect it from the elements by keeping it in a garage or covered with a tarp. Also, it would be ideal to keep it off the ground or pavement by laying it on a pallet or something similar. If you are currently burning wood, you should keep a two to three day supply indoors to keep from cooling the fire as it is added.

Signs to look for when purchasing seasoned wood are:

-Darker wood with a grayish appearance.
-A hollow sound when knocking two logs together.
-Cracks on the ends of the logs.
-Loosened bark that has begun to fall off.

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