Now Is The Ideal Time For Masonry Work Image - Pottstown PA - Wells and Sons Chimney ServiceHouses that showcase masonry are often desired by homeowners. Brickwork can add a lot of beauty to one’s exterior and offers an aesthetic, classic look to any home. Unfortunately, when these features become stained, cracked, or faded, your home becomes a lot less visually appealing. On top of this, any type of damage that occurs will weaken your overall structure and cause it to deteriorate more rapidly as time passes.

Your Home’s Value

By addressing any masonry issues and fixing needed repairs, the value of your home will rise significantly. Not only will it look good to potential buyers, but it will prove itself to be structurally sound and strong. All of your house guests will be commenting on your good taste and will be sure to inquire as to how you maintain such a beautiful exterior. The secret is simple – regular upkeep on your masonry.

Warm Weather & Masonry Repair

If you are looking to get your masonry inspected or repaired, then now is the time to do it. Many put these fixes off, but warmer weather is ideal for many projects. Most of the materials used to repair masonry need a chance to properly cure and, if temperatures are too high or too low, they will not be given the opportunity to do so. This means that if you continually put it off, you will find yourself unable to use your chimney once winter hits.

Another reason why masonry work is best done in the summer months is it allows the time needed for certain projects. If you are looking to extend your masonry or are in need or some serious remodeling, then now is when more time will be available for your chimney sweep to work on this. Cleanings and inspections take up a lot of time in the fall and winter months, so spring and summer is ideal for major repairs.

Finally, consider waterproofing your masonry to adequately prepare it for the change in season throughout the year ahead. Once the freeze-thaw process occurs, your chimney faces a lot of excess pressure that can eventually lead to settlement or a collapse. By not allowing your brick to ever absorb moisture in the first place, you will save yourself a lot of time, money, and stress in the long run. You can also rest easy knowing that your home is staying in great condition and the safety of your family is not being threatened.

We Can Help!

At Wells & Sons Chimney Service, we have the tools and expertise you need to get your masonry ready for the colder months we face here in Pottstown and the surrounding areas. Whether you need work done on your stucco, mortar repair, cracks filled in, brickwork inspection, waterproofing, or any other masonry-related touch-ups, we are prepared to get you set up right! Visit our website for additional information or give us a call!