While spring is still lingering around, you may be trying to get any last minute home repairs completed before the scorching heat sets in. This is a perfect opportunity to call a masonry contractor to repair any chimney masonry issues you may have been previously ignoring.

Masonry Threats


Winter and Water Damage

Water is no friend to the masonry on your chimney, and when winter arrives any lingering water that has found its way inside the masonry, will freeze and expand the existing damage. The main problem arises as winter weather attacks the mortar, or the cement that holds the bricks together, and as the mortar cracks, breaks and crumbles, the brick becomes unstabilized. This, in turn, decreases the overall integrity of the chimney.

Pest Damage

Chimneys are nice and warm and a great place to call home if you are a bird, raccoon, or rat. When these critters make their way inside your chimney, they tend to do their fair share of damage to the masonry before they are removed from the premises.

Masonry Repair

Tuckpointing is one of the most common and cost-effective forms of masonry repair. This is when a masonry contractor “tucks” mortar into the damaged mortar joints of the fireplace and chimney to reinforce the integrity.

Scheduling Masonry Repairs

If you have noticed breaks or cracks in the mortar of your chimney masonry, spring really is the best time to schedule an appointment to have repairs made. Also, an annual chimney inspection can be a great time to have someone detect if any masonry damage is present, and they can answer any questions you might have.

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