Back in 1871, The Great Chicago Fire started on October 8, and caused immeasurable damage across the city. Hundreds lost their lives, thousands lost their homes, and tons of structures were completely destroyed. Most of the damage occurred on the next day, October 9, and since then people have taken time out of their lives to reflect back on this week with every year that passes.

In the early 1920s, President Woodrow Wilson decided that the week in which October 9 falls should be recognized every year as Fire Prevention Week. Each year, there is a new theme for fire safety and prevention. These tips help people stay aware of the dangers involved with fire and help them prepare for anything.

2017 Theme

Like we said, every year National Fire Prevention Week presents a theme to focus on. Past themes include fire building, caution, the importance of smoke alarms, and many more! Each one takes a unique and specific look at how you can be more cautious in regards to fire safety.

So, what’s this year’s theme? It’s all about planning ahead, so you know the best ways out of your house – “Every Second Counts: Plan 2 Ways Out!” Kick off the week by drawing a map of your home and figuring out the best two exit routes from each room. If a building is burning, the first priority is always getting everyone out safely. Plan ahead so that your loved ones are prepared.

After setting escape routes, educate your household on these paths. Practice a fire drill a couple times a year and try different options for leaving the house. This way, little thought will be needed on the best way to exit the home during a fire. In a dangerous situation like this, every second makes a difference!

A couple other tips to keep in mind? First, your house number should be well displayed outside so firefighters can easily find it. Like we said, every moment matters and the sooner they arrive, the quicker they can extinguish the flames and ensure everyone is safe. Also, if possible, close doors behind you as you leave a burning building to help slow down the spread of flames, smoke, and heat. Lastly, once you’re out, stay out!

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